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Roll for the Soul

2 Quay Street, Bristol, BS1 2JL

Besmirched will be hosted this April by the ever amazing Roll for the Soul. Right in the centretown, Roll for the Soul is Bristol’s not-for-profit community bike cafe. With amazing vegetarian and vegan food, a bike workshop upstairs, cakes and coffee to make Tullio Campagnolo weep with joy, there couldn’t be a better place.

Roll for the Soul supports all of Bristol’s incredible bike scene, including sponsoring Bristol CX and UK and Euro endurance MTB champ Matt Jones, and providing a home for the Bristol Cycle Campaign, Boneshaker Magazine and the Bristol Cycle Festival. It’s also a creative space in the city centre, offering a DIY venue for musicians, artists and anyone wanting to make and do (or just make do). And its a living wage employer (the real living wage, not the made-up one.)

Besmirched will be taking over the cafe for the whole weekend.

It’s a five minute ride from Bespoked: come and join us.